Monday, October 31, 2011

We've started teaching English Classes

Recent visit from Elder Zeballos.  Joshua's Mission is divided into three Zones.  This is Joshua's, Zona República.

Close up of a poor quality photo, but you can still see his big smile!

Hello everyone! :)
The work's been going really well.  Elder Barrett and I are working better together every day. :) Now when we knock doors or talk to people in the street, we're chatting for 10-25 minutes and getting return appointments. I'm learning that just about everyone can feel the Spirit when we testify and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ -- IF we're in tune and listening to the promptings of the Spirit.  When we're being obedient, praying fervently, and staying happy, we know which aspect of the gospel to start with and how to present the message in a way that people's hearts, spirits, and minds are touched. 
Some days are rougher than others but, in all...I'm really having fun. Like, seriously. I never get enough sleep and I'm already 100% fed up with soda, but I'm really having a blast down here. :) I'm scared I'm going to get transferred to another area before we have time to do everything we want to here.  So many people to meet, teach, and love!
A lot of citas fell through this week but we found 12 new investigators this week, including some great families. We're really excited about that. This one sweet lady has six kids and they're very active in another church right now. They were very sweet and the young girls (though a little giggly at times) were very attentive and I think everyone felt the love of Jesus Christ when our prayer and message were through. We found several other solid people. In short, I'm very excited for this upcoming week.
Also, we're starting our English classes. We were trying to find ways to meet and get to know more people and I remembered all the English classes they'd teach in Japan.  Like there, everyone here in Chile wants to learn English and we've been able to invite a lot of people. Elder Barrett gets annoyed (and I just crack up) when people who are practically running away from us stop dead in their tracks and whip around to talk to us when we stop inviting them to come to Christ and invite them to English classes. I just think it's hilarious. I'm thinking, "You just told us you wouldn't care if God existed, if He loved you and had a plan for you, or if there was a way your family could live together forever....but you'll practically have a heart attack when you hear 'Clases de Inglés gratis.'" One lady actually said, "Now THAT (referring to English) I'm interested in."  My favorite guy was the one who was "too old" to try and figure God out but apparently thought in his remaining 2-3 years he would be able to use our classes. XD In short, a lot of people are more excited at the prospect of learning English than finding out if eternal life is real and they can have it. Priorities, for the win.
I'm saddened every time I hear people, especially the self-proclaimed, "open-minded," "truth-seeking," or "prayerful" who refuse to simply pray to their Heavenly Father about our message humbly, with real intent, and in the name of Christ. If God exists, and this is really how he are you ever going to know if you don't try the steps He's outlined? If He doesn't exist, you won't get an answer. If we're liars or deceived, He'll tell you. What do you have to lose? On the other hand, if we're really messengers from God, you're keeping yourself out in the cold from all the blessings of the Gospel- the greatest feelings of peace, cleanliness, and true happiness in this life and in the life to come. And what else do you want God to do? He literally has us knocking on your doors, stopping you in the street. He has his prophets and apostles broadcasting the good news through television and internet. I don't know...It just seems so simple to me. :) We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by simply trying and proving God.
It's not super relevant but there's this guy in our ward that I LOVE. He's just this super sweet old guy and he joined the Church a little while ago. He's still learning a lot so he's in our Gospel Principles class.  He can't hear anything and says, "Huh?" anytime anybody talks. He accelerates from 0-1 MPH in approximately 2.5 years.  He's like a cross between Mr. Fredricksen from "UP" and that little old guy from "Emperor's New Groove."
Anyway, I should go! Love you all! :) Miss you! Sorry if my English is terrible, this computer stinks and I have Spanish on the brain!
-Elder Jones

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