Friday, November 4, 2011

5,000 Days Project: Two Brothers
Meet Luke and Sam Nelson, two brothers who struggled to develop a positive relationship in childhood. The Nelson boys are just two of 60 kids documented over a 5,000-day period by filmmaker Rick Stevenson.

I just had to post this link here.  If you have a free hour, I highly recommend you spend it on this show. I especially liked the last half where they followed the older brother on his mission to CHILE!! He's a typical, flawed kid who gains much perspective over the two years. I served my mission in Ecuador. I think this accurately shows the fears, silliness and growth experienced by very young adults on a mission.


Yvonnne Torres said...

This is the best documentary ever!!! This really touched my 3 boys hearts. Has made them try to be kinder to each other and has just made them more excited to serve a mission. Truly worth watching. We have watched it twice because we love how it made us feel!!!

cynthia said...

Awesome! You found it!! Some parts reminded me of Josh and Brandon. Makes me want to document my boys.