Monday, November 14, 2011

14 November 2011

These two reminded me of Okinawa --
squating as if it were comfortable and colorful graffiti. 
Hey everybody!  I pray you´re all safe, sound, and finding success in
your work and studies. :)

Things have been going great here!  The weather's been alternating
from being unbearably hot to being freezing cold. And of course, we
always decide to wear short sleeves on days that end up being cold and
long sleeves and suits when it turns out to be hot. :P Okay, not
always.  And when it happens, it gives us something else to laugh
about and keep up our animo (By the way, animo is a great word that
really doesn't have a good English equivalent; it's just better in
Spanish). :)

We found a few solid people to teach this week and we have some good
investigadors right now, but my companion and I are trying to think of more effective ways of finding than knocking doors or stopping people in the street....although we definitely get some good stories out of those methods. :)

The members are really nice and feed us lunch every day. Fun fact: my
companion and I have managed to eat potatoes (in some form) every day
this past week.  It's a conspiracy, I know it.  Don't get me wrong, I
liked it every day....I'm just not sure if our diet of soda, potatoes,
and cereal is 100% in agreement with the food pyramid. Or food plate.
Yeah, it's a plate now, right?

It's funny how much a mission can change you.  I can't believe that
now whenever I have down time, I'm super excited to spend it reading
scriptures or Preach My Gospel. I'm so embarrassed to think about how
much time I wasted with facebook or doing nothing in particular. And
all those hours I called "studying"....I had no idea what studying

Today the four of us had a barbecue.  You'll have to wait for the
pictures to believe how much meat we ate.  And on that note, sorry!
My mom keeps reminding me that the blog is boring without pictures. I
don't take tons (we don't really have much time for stuff like that
and I think we can't actually use our cameras during proselyting) but
I'm looking for a way to print them or make a CD.  SO...with the
super-speedy Chilean mail system we have, you guys should be able to
see next Christmas. If not, I'll just show you all of them
when I get back. ;)

And thank you so much for the speakers, Mom and Dad!
:) I was pretty much the hero of the pension (apartment). Now we can
blast our Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Prince of Egypt music. Or if
we're feeling really cool we'll get some EFY playing up in there!

I should go! Talk to you all soon!
-Elder Jones

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