Monday, March 12, 2012

Chileno friends in Fukuoka

David and I went to Fukuoka this weekend to visit the Sasebo Branch and go to the Temple.  My flight arrived in Fukuoka an hour before David's and I was looking at the subway map.  A nice young man approached me and asked if I needed any help.  We chatted for a minute when I realized, . . . hey,this guy has a Spanish accent!  So of course I asked where he was from.  You guessed it -- CHILE!  So I hung out with my new Chileno friends, Fabián and Matías, in FUKUOKA while I waited for David to arrive.  They are here training in karate for 3 months.  Small world. :)  Of course we've planned for them to meet up with Joshua in Santiago when they return.
Fabián y Matías
Fukuoka Temple

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cynthia said...

Brenda you are awesome with your pals Fabian and Matias!! I love your yellow coat too!!